a market-oriented foundry which combines technological development, manufacturing aids and trade into its
own operation, with the right of self-managed export and boasts its state-of-art craftsmanship, profound technical command and well-equipped quality control measures.

     Our company clinches on the principle of scientific management and technological innovation to provide high-standard carpeting products for the worldwide clients, with remarkable design skills, and all-round excellent service. Our products have been sold out to several foreign countries in Middle-East, America, as well as various other regions in Asia. We have been with the Enterprise Which Takes Priority on Contracts with Commitment, the Aristocratic Quality control Enterprise.

     Advocating an enterprise spirit of devotion to career for perfection, consolidation of all effort for development, commitment on technological innovation, and holding on a managing concept of creating big brands by relying on science and technology, vying for best service by providing excellent source, our company has adopted the modernized enterprise-managing model to invent and build up our own style. Quality counts, but we are mindful of costs and you will find our prices very competitive.Sigma Carpet is an emerging force in the global carpet marketplace - we would welcome the opportunity to show you why.
Sigma Carpet (Thailand), looks forward to the opportunity of shaking hands with all the other arduous talents and professionals in this line, creating common enthusiastic goals with mutual confidence and respects to create history for the future.
      The Sigma Carpet (Thailand) website opens the door to the world for having a good experience with us by providing good and reliable service. At Sigma Carpet (Thailand), we believe the Internet is not just another communications medium. It’s a whole world of possibilities that helps people do more with their lives. But people need effective tools to get the most out of this new world of carpeting. We want to be your provider of choice for carpeting needs.

      We promise to work together with our business alliance and our clients to empower each of us to provide the best products and services possible. And we promise our employees the freedom to innovate and pursue their individual creative visions.

Our Vision ---------
To be the keystone of an International Market Community that is pre-eminent in the world, known for both the high quality of our products and the excellence of our people for emphasizing on the Quality to be consumed by the mass.

Our Mission
Our corporate mission consists of four intertwining goals relating to quality of the product, brand, timely delivery of goods and satisfaction of our clients.

  - Product excellence
       Innovate and create new markets for revolutionary products.
       Deliver the most appropriate, intuitive, and flexible products and solutions available to different needs.
   - Developing a global brand that people know and trust
       We emphasize on our brand by listening to the needs of our customers and conducting activities to establish world-class research, development, production, marketing, and distribution systems.
   - Providing well in time shipment
       We take pride in providing a leading total solution to logistics services for our clients to meet the intense demand for carpeting to build up a relationship. for it client’s flagship company .
   - Satisfaction to our customers

It is our main motto to survive after which comes the rest which is formed from the pillars of:

  • Ensure the highest quality of service
  • Build the best technical support system
  • Practice responsible and transparent management
  • Provide a first class working environment where they can express creativity and grow both their careers and their personal lives
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